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Estimate when your program is gonna end easily


Updated 04 Nov 2019

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Its a little piece of code that has made my life easy during the past decade! all you need to run this code are these:

InputToc, just provde the toc value of tic function when you started your code
CurrentRecord, indicating what is the current record of the loop (i.e. 41st of 100 records)
MaxRecordCount, indicating the maximum number of records (i.e. the 100 in 41st record of 100).
StartingRecord, indicating what was the starting record (i.e. you might have started with 10th
instead of the first record, i.e. 41st record of 100 with starting record of 10,
so actually at 31st iteration of your code)

and that's it. The output is a string that gives you eta, the time it takes to calculate one record, when it ends, remaining time, ...
Here is an example of the code

A = tic

A =




ans =

Percentage = 41.00%, Record Number = 41 Time per account = 398.320 mSec --
Passed Time = 12 Seconds, Projected Finish = 11-04 11:50:44
Remaining time = 23 Seconds,
Total duration = 39 Seconds, '

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MILAD KHAKI (2020). ProjectedFinishCalculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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