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co-registration and overlay

version 1.2 (1.54 MB) by Parsa Omidi
performs co-registration among four separate camera images and overlays the images


Updated 16 Dec 2019

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This app performs co-registration among four separate camera images as well as remove object movement from the images during the experiment. First, in order to perform co-registration, we utilized the control point registration software in MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox™. This software allowed us to select geometrical features (landmarks) in an image from the reference camera and apply them to the images from the other cameras. A 2-dimensional transformation matrix for each camera was generated to co-register all camera images based on the selected landmarks. To remove tissue movement, a similar method was utilized to select fixed landmarks among all frames from one camera and co-register all frames based on the selected landmarks. This processing resulted in a transformation matrix for each frame that was applied to the corresponding frames from the other cameras. Finally, in order to show a single multispectral video for all cameras, synchronized frames from all cameras were overlaid using color-coding enabling visualization of the interactions between images.

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Parsa Omidi (2020). co-registration and overlay (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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samira vakili

Parsa Omidi

Hi Mouda, The app has been designed only for grayscale images. Now I fixed the code, so you shouldn't see a similar error anymore. Also, I added an instruction. Hope you find it useful.

Mouda Tung

Hi love what you did here this could be just the right tool I've been looking for!
I had issues loading imagings in where the error message tells me the size of the right doesn't match the left, eventhough I'd loaded only one image, and it seems like it's issue with the size of the file being too small?

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Created with R2019b
Compatible with R2019a to R2019b
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