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Filter Utilities

version 1.1.0 (25.8 KB) by Joe Henning
A variety of filter utilities


Updated 15 Nov 2020

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This zip file contains functions related to filter generation:
1) firbm - Bagchi-Mitra FIR filter design
2) firgdelay - Group delay of a FIR filter
3) firmf - Linear-phase maximally flat FIR filter design
4) mfhb - Maximally flat halfband FIR filter design
5) pimpz - Impulse response of a pulse shaping filter

Functions for FIR order estimation:
1) bartheord - Barcilon-Temes FIR order estimator
2) coshord - Hyperbolic cosine FIR order estimator
3) dchebord - Dolph-Chebyshev FIR order estimator
4) expord - Exponential FIR order estimator
5) gegenord - Gegenbauer FIR order estimator
6) mkaiserord - Modified Kaiser FIR order estimator
7) saraord - Saramaki FIR order estimator
8) sdchebord - Dolph-Chebyshev FIR order estimator

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