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A mayfly optimization algorithm

version 2.5 (3.34 KB) by Konstantinos Zervoudakis
Mayfly Algorithm for global optimization


Updated 22 Sep 2020

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This simplified Matlab demo code shows how to use the new Mayfly Algorithm to solve global optimization problems.

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Konstantinos Zervoudakis (2020). A mayfly optimization algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Zervoudakis, K., & Tsafarakis, S. (2020). A mayfly optimization algorithm. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 145, 106559.

Zervoudakis, K., & Tsafarakis, S. (2020), “Mayfly optimization Algorithm - Matlab code”, Mendeley Data, v1.

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omima bakry

@konstantinos Ok think you

@onima bakra. Yes. In case where your problem is a discrete one, you need to convert the continuous values to discrete ones.

omima bakry

@konstantinos Ok think you
can i use mayfly for solving opf problem for ieee 33 bus system

@onima bakra. The problem probably stems from the R2014a version of Matlab, since the Mayfly Algorithm code was created with R2019a. Considering that in line 229 the functions start to appear, you should move all functions to separate files.

omima bakry

I download and made run but there are error in line 229 column 1 i used matlab R2014a

Nick Rdrm



Mutation process for different dimensions, is now fixed.


Additional fixes


Add citation from Mendeley


Additional fixes


The code has been simplified


Rastrigin function is now included.



MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019a
Compatible with R2018a to any release
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