Simulink - Code Composer Studio V3.3 Interface
Hi, In my past job, I used a similar setup (CCSv3.3 + F28335). I presume you have Embedded Coder. It sounds like you don't wa...

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Timer XCode Main Program
Hi all, I'm just starting out in Xcode and looking to set up a timer loop to call functions periodically in soft real time for ...

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Function To Generate Truth Table Condition Vectors
This function efficiently generates a matrix of binary condition vectors for use in a truth table.

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Chirp Source Block For Simulink
This block for Simulink provides a chirp source for stimulating unknown system dynamics.

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Function to generate Timeseries file to use for Moore FSM coverage analysis.
This function generates a Timeseries file which can be used for Moore FSM coverage analysis.

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Foxboro I/A Series PIDA Blocks
Provides a rudimentary implementation of the Foxboro I/A Series PIDA Block.

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