Android API version error while building simulink app in android device
Thats a warning not an error. warnings does not stop build process. Error message must be below to that. Can you please copy ent...

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Customize the android App created by simulink
Yes, once generated app code is exported to Android Studio, user can modify the UI (in Android Studio) and run on device (from A...

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How to plot plot Intensity vs pixel values using simulink xy graph?
XY graph is not there for Android Deplpooyment. But you can use Arrayplot block on Android device. Please have a look at below...

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Why does build fail at 'Verify Configuration of Your Android Device' screen during Hardware Setup for Simulnk Support package for Android devices in R2017b MATLAB?
I have installed Simulink Support package for Android Devices on MATLAB R2017b. Installation went through, but during Hardwar...

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