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Problem with looping: the loop does not stop
%%% you can try this it work good %%%% clc clear Lw=106.5 hs=80 hr=1.5 a_air=0.0001 d=1:8000 La=[]; for i=1:8000 ...

2 years ago | 1

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how to fill in the image by connecting every point in the image in a bw image
%%%%%%%%%%%% you can use Morphlogical operation %%%%%%%%%% using sphere with your tested redius after fiil it se=strel('spher...

2 years ago | 0

How do I rearrange these matrix values?
%%%% if your initial matrix is a the matrix c is the result b=a' c=reshape(b,4,3)

2 years ago | 0

How to use the output of a function as the same function input?
you can use for statement or while as follow x=initial_Value y=[]; for i=1:NoIteration [a,b]=func(x) y=[y;a,b]; x=[a,b]; %...

2 years ago | 0

Histogram with data frequency
%%%%%%% you can use this code %%%%%%%%%%% a=unique(x); b=length(a); for i=1:b c(i)=sum(y(x==a(i))); end bar(c) %%%%%%...

2 years ago | 0

what is wrong with this code?
the variable temp1 is not single value. it is a vector so need to check the equation

2 years ago | 0

Why do I get the error 'Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals. ' ?
this error when a negative number or real number used as indecies of matrix

2 years ago | 0

round robin Loop.... help plz
%%% this code for Calculate Average waiting Time in Round Robin and Average Turn around Time %%%% by Jamal Nasir %%%% Univ...

4 years ago | 1

Round Robin Scheduling algorithm
%%% this MATLAB code for calculate Average waiting time for Round Robin CPU Scheduling %%% %%% edited by Jamal Nasir %%%%% Unve...

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