Simulink Report Generator

Key Features

  • Automated reporting from Simulink® and Stateflow®
  • PDF, Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, and HTML formats
  • Templates for programmatic and forms-based reporting
  • Automatic capture of simulation results and model specifications
  • Web views for viewing and navigating models in web browsers
  • Artifacts for DO-178 and IEC 61508

Sample formatted report of model simulations and design descriptions.

You can build report programs to produce highly customized reports for your models and simulation results. With this programmatic approach, you use the Report API and the Document Object Model (DOM) API to create MATLAB code that formats the results of running your model and adds those results to a report document.

The Report API includes a set of objects to create pre-formatted modules including a title page, table of contents, and chapters. You then use the DOM API to customize, create, and assemble the report content.

Script for building a customized report of a Simulink model.

Formatting Reports Based on PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML Templates

You can use PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML templates to define the format and layout of reports that Simulink Report Generator™ produces. The templates specify regions of fixed text and leave blank regions (also called holes) for generated content. Using this forms-based reporting approach, Simulink Report Generator can fill in the blanks with content generated from MATLAB and Simulink.

By creating custom templates, you can tailor the report to meet specific formatting requirements, such as adding logos and footnotes, changing page orientation, or defining specific font types and sizes for table headings. Overall, you have a high degree of control over the layout and formatting of the report, and you can specify exactly where you intend your simulation data, figures, MATLAB code, or other results to appear in the report.

Designing the layout and format of reports using templates for Microsoft Word or HTML. Simulink Report Generator can fill in the blanks with content generated from MATLAB and Simulink.

Simulink Report Generator provides a predefined, standard report generator for capturing detailed information about a system design and its associated requirements. You can use this as a starting point for creating your own custom report generator. The output format can be PDF, Microsoft Word, or HTML. Simulink Report Generator lets you automate the process of generating model artifacts and documenting aspects of the Simulink models that are relevant to your application.

With the System Design Description (SDD) report generator, you can:

  • Review summary or detailed information without having the model open
  • Archive the system design in a format independent of the modeling environment
  • Capture descriptions and documentation included in the model
  • Assess compliance with design requirements

Using the SDD API, you can automate the generation of SDD reports from the MATLAB command line.

System Design Description report, which extracts block diagram snapshots, comments, requirements, and block parameters in a comprehensive report.

Exporting Web Views

Simulink Report Generator lets you create web views of your Simulink models that look the same in a web browser as models viewed in the Simulink editor. A web view is an interactive rendition of a model that you can view in a web browser and share with colleagues who do not have Simulink installed—royalty free. You can use the model hierarchy to quickly navigate to a specific subsystem and view properties of blocks, signals, and scopes. You can zoom in and out, pan, and fit to view using the same keyboard shortcuts you use in Simulink. You can also search by name and highlight Simulink elements such as parameters, signals, and blocks. By saving web views of a model over time, you can create snapshots of the development process and review each stage.

You can also capture and display requirements and model coverage information in a web view. These web views use the requirements traceability and coverage information provided by Simulink Requirements™ and Simulink Coverage™. For example, if you export a web view of a model that has requirements associated with a set of blocks, you can view those requirements in an informer panel in the HTML browser. Additionally, you can view the code generated from a model, along with its web view, within the MATLAB web browser. This report is accessible from within MATLAB when you have an Embedded Coder® license.

Exploring Simulink models, block properties, requirements, and model coverage information in an HTML browser.