Generate a system-level report similar to a software design document for your design reviews.
Use the Simulink dynamic report setup file to simulate models and capture results.
Add and remove components to a report based on your need.
Explore components that loop through the blocks in a model and capture relevant information.
Simulate models with different parameter sets and capture snapshots of the model and its output for each iteration.
Create a Microsoft Word document by specifying output file format.
Automate test execution to enhance testing in Simulink Real-Time using Simulink Report Generator.
Create formatted custom reports using a form-based reporting approach.
Export Simulink and Stateflow models to interactive renditions that can viewed in a web browser.
Learn how to navigate a web view that was created from a Simulink model using Simulink Report Generator. Web views provide a way to view a Simulink model without a license and to easily share models with others.
Generate an HTML report containing the interactive view of a Simulink model​.