An electromagnetic wave propagation solver


  • Provides an intuitive CAD interface
  • Powered by an efficient FDTD engine
  • Includes tools for photonic bandgap device and diffractive lense design
  • Contains multiple built-in field visualization utilities
  • Calculates bandgaps for PBG devices
  • Includes sophisticated postprocessing tools for simulation analysis


EMPLab is a 2D electromagnetic simulation environment that minimizes the time it takes to design and analyze devices. It lets users spend less time inputting parameters and more time designing devices. Preprocessing tools allow users to input information for general structures as well as special devices, such as photonic bandgaps and diffractive optical elements. EMPLab is powered by an efficient Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) engine, minimizing simulation time while maintaining accurate results. The postprocessing tools provide unique ways for viewing and manipulating the resulting data. EMPLab is designed for engineers who need to perform a rigorous electromagnetic analysis of devices while providing additional tools for optics engineers.

EMPLab runs on the MATLAB® platform to take advantage of the built-in mathematical analysis and visualization abilities of MATLAB. After running simulations, the results can be saved in a MAT-file so that the full range of MATLAB features can be used to process the simulation data.

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Required Products


  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Optics
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Microwave, RF, and general EM analysis


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Semiconductor