Library of MATLAB files for discrete Kalman filtering applications


  • Comprehensive set of discrete Kalman filtering software tools
  • Efficient conventional and U-D form algorithms
  • Simulation, design, and data analysis tools
  • Versatile, extensible, and modifiable tools to suit specific needs
  • Well-documented MATLAB files, reference tables, and manual
  • Numerous examples with complete input/output data files


The M-KFTOOL provides a comprehensive set of MATLAB file modules and main programs for the implementation of discrete Kalman filtering applications. Both discrete conventional and U-D form Kalman filtering functions are included. M-KFTOOL enables users to simulate a specific Kalman filtering application quickly and easily without coding and testing the basic discrete Kalman filtering algorithms. The toolbox contains programs that can be modified to fit specific application needs. A reference manual contains detailed documentation for each MATLAB file included in the library.

M-KFTOOL is designed for a wide range of commercial and military applications involving discrete Kalman filtering approaches, such as GPS and INS navigation systems. Alternatively, users can include functions from Signal Processing Toolbox in user-application simulations to make system analysis easier and more productive. Once the simulation results are satisfactory, the validated Kalman filtering application can be converted to real-time software.

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