MTi, MTx, MTi-G, MVN, and MTw

Inertial sensing products for real-time orientation and position


  • Orientation, MEMS inertial data, and position (if available)
  • Proven design in many system-integrator applications (MTi and MTx)
  • GPS-aided orientation and inertial-enhanced position (MTi-G)
  • Wireless sensor, synchronized timing for 32 MTw sensors
  • Leading inertial MoCap solution (MVN)


The MTi, MTx, MTi-G, and MTw are 3-D orientation sensors that are used in various applications. The MTi and MTi-G have an aluminum base plate for easy mounting. Typical use of the Motion Trackers (MTs) is in industrial applications such as measurement and correction, control and stabilization, or navigation; movement science such as sports, rehabilitation, or gait analysis; and virtual reality such as head trackers, 3-D input devices, or augmented reality. 

MVN is a full body motion capture suit based on inertial sensing technology. MVN is designed for movement science, entertainment, and training and simulation. The interfaces are USB, but serial interfaces (RS232, RS485, RS422) are also implemented for the industrial MTs . All industrial MTs are available as OEM version as well (without casing) if size and weight are serious issues.  

The MTw and MVN feature a wireless interface via Bluetooth® on the MTw Awinda station and the MVN WR-A, respectively. In both cases, the multiple MTs are time-synchronized.

With Xsens software development kits, you can integrate Xsens MTs in any system or OEM application. Product-specific kits provide a COM interface that is easily accessed in MATLAB® (version 6.5 and higher), making real-time data access simple. Sample MATLAB code is included that demonstrate how to access the COM interface and how to use the MTs. For MVN, there is the possibility to read out .mvnx files, produced by MVN Studio Pro, for further processing and analysis.

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