Centralized architecture and data management for model-based development


  • Build and manage architectures for embedded systems
  • Consistent and error-free architecture, data, and interfaces
  • Collaborative development of complex systems
  • Easy debugging with dependency visualization
  • Automated rule checking with custom rules


SimuQuest UniPhi enabled architecture and data dictionary

UniPhi is a model-based development tool for architecture, data management, and dependency visualization. UniPhi extends Simulink® with tools that facilitate the rapid development of embedded applications, enabling a model architecture in which target-specific and target-independent functionality are decoupled. System variables and calibration parameters are easily managed using the data dictionary, facilitating model management and the powerful plug-and-play development of an embedded system. UniPhi supports true plug-and-play algorithm development.

UniPhi's data dictionary prevents many common bugs from being introduced in the first place because it forces users to select signals from a list of managed objects. Any changes made to signal attributes are propagated throughout the model automatically. Users can review the usage location of each signal using intelligent features.

UniPhi also works in conjunction with Embedded Coder® for the efficient generation of scheduling code.

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