Direct Access Toolbox for PI Server

High performance access to OSIsoft PI System data using PI SDK


  • Connects MATLAB to the PI System for reading, writing, editing, and deleting data
  • Supports compressed, sampled, summary, archived, and snapshot data
  • Returns vectors and matrices for primitive data types
  • Supports PI server-side data filtering options
  • Optimized for low overhead and fewer over-the-wire calls
  • Provides secure data access using standard PI configuration


The Direct Access™ Toolbox for PI Server simplifies the integration of MATLAB® with data in users’ PI System™ installations. Observed throughput of more than 150,000 floating-point events per second for data imported from LAN-based PI System installations will reduce the execution time of users’ data-intensive algorithms. Data is imported as numeric vectors, not as cells, so it is immediately usable by existing MATLAB functions. The system works with both 32 and 64-bit Windows® installations. The functions and parameters use a syntax that is common and intuitive amongst PI-based applications.

Direct Access is a MATLAB toolbox that uses the OSIsoft™ PI SDK to read and write PI System data. Since the PI SDK™ is COM-based, and is the lowest level mechanism for communicating with PI, Direct Access provides fast performance by eliminating extra hops, data type conversions, recordset packing and unpacking, and cell2mat calls that are often required with OLEDB, ODBC, and Web service techniques.

This toolbox is valuable for existing users of the PI System that also use MATLAB to analyze their process data, as well as existing MATLAB users who require access to data that is stored in PI. Since the PI System is used in virtually every industry, the target users are the intersection of all OSIsoft and MathWorks customers.

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