Release 2016a Products with License-Related Changes

As of R2016a, several products have license-related changes. To use the latest version of each product, you must have a current subscription to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service.

Renamed Products

Previous NameNew Name
SimHydraulicsSimscape Fluids
SimDrivelineSimscape Driveline
SimElectronicsSimscape Electronics
SimMechanicsSimscape Multibody
SimPowerSystemsSimscape Power Systems
Spreadsheet Link EXSpreadsheet Link

Discontinued Products

Gauges Blockset and System Test are discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You can continue to use existing product licenses, or you can use alternative products.

Gauges Blockset

In place of Gauges Blockset, consider using the graphical controls and displays included in the Dashboard block library in Simulink. This library contains controls such as knobs and slider switches, and it has lamps and semicircular gauges. You can add these blocks to your model to run interactive desktop simulations.


In place of SystemTest, consider scripting with MATLAB Unit Test Framework or using Simulink Test. Simulink Test provides tools for authoring, managing, and executing systematic, simulation-based tests.

Required Products

Econometrics Toolbox

Econometrics Toolbox no longer requires Financial Toolbox.

License Checkout

MATLAB Compiler

MATLAB Compiler will now check out licenses for toolboxes used in the code you compile. See MATLAB Answers for more information.