Parallel Computing on the Cloud with MATLAB

Scale Your Parallel Applications to the Cloud

There are multiple options for scaling your MATLAB® programs and Simulink® models to the cloud. Take advantage of your desktop resources using Parallel Computing Toolbox™, and then easily scale your application beyond the desktop to use additional hardware resources without changing your algorithmic code.

Choose the option that meets your needs:

  Parallel Computing Toolbox MATLAB Parallel Cloud MATLAB Distributed Computing Server for Amazon EC2 MATLAB Distributed Computing Server - Private Cloud
Maximum Workers* No limitation** 16 256 No limitation**
Hardware Resources Desktop computer MathWorks Cloud Amazon EC2 instances (billed by Amazon Web Services) Private cloud, other cloud services, on premise and ad-hoc clusters, and grids.
First-Time Configuration Effort None A few clicks in MATLAB Amazon EC2 sign up and set up followed by a few clicks in Cloud Center and MATLAB. Software installation followed by scheduler configuration.
Time to Access Configured Solution Instant <90 seconds <15 minutes Solution dependent
Customization Options None None Available through Cloud Center. Options include cluster size, machine type, storage options. Options include multiple cluster configurations, storage types, and schedulers.
Licensing Model Toolbox license Self-serve On-demand license On-demand, perpetual or term license. On-demand, perpetual or term license.
Geographic Availability Worldwide United States and Canada United States, Canada, and other select countries. Worldwide

* MATLAB computational engines.
** Recommend one worker per physical core.

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