Designing Embedded Algorithms

With MathWorks products for embedded algorithm development, you move from concept to embeddable code in a single environment. You can:

  • Refine your MATLAB algorithm based on design requirements
  • Simulate your algorithm in the context of a larger system model
  • Generate bit-true test sequences for verifying software and hardware
  • Generate C code and HDL code for implementing on hardware

Explore Products for Algorithm Development

Develop and Refine Your Algorithm

With MathWorks products you can quickly develop your algorithm and then refine it as required for implementation on your target processor. For example, you can:

  • Convert the design to a fixed-point or integer-based representation to accommodate processors with limited word lengths.
  • Incorporate data management schemes, such as buffering, streaming, and pipelining, to represent real-time data processing requirements
  • Explore design alternatives to meet the smaller memory requirement and computational footprint of your hardware

Generate Code for Prototyping or Implementation

With MATLAB Coder, the algorithms and data structures that you implemented in MATLAB can be automatically translated to C for implementation on an embedded processor. You can also write C-code test harnesses for constructing and downloading data structures on the processor.

Incorporate Your Algorithm into a Larger System

If your algorithm is a component of a larger system, it can be incorporated into a system-level model. You can then simulate the model to verify the algorithm and ensure that your design meets overall system requirements.