Engineers, scientists, and researchers are using AI to tap into vast amounts of medical data to create diagnostics, therapeutics, and services that improve healthcare outcomes. MATLAB® and Simulink® make it easy to start working with AI models for medical industry applications. They provide AI capabilities and integrate AI into your workflow, which involves preparing data, creating a model, designing the system on which the model will run, and deploying to hardware or enterprise systems.

  • Read case studies to discover how other organizations have used MATLAB and Simulink to develop AI-based products.
  • Explore how MATLAB and Simulink workflows can accelerate successful AI implementation with example use cases:
    • Use machine learning to improve diagnoses from medical images, physiological signals, or patient health records.
    • Use deep learning to advance medical image analysis for disease diagnosis and treatment options.
    • Follow a formalized MATLAB and Simulink process to develop and validate AI models adhering to IEC 62304 guidelines.