MathWorks in Natick

in Natick

MathWorks is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, 20 miles west of Boston. Our Natick campuses, Apple Hill and Lakeside, are home to more than 3,000 MathWorkers and counting. Staff on both campuses enjoy beautiful buildings and grounds with plenty of amenities, including onsite cafés, fitness centers, free bike-share program, game rooms, wellness facilities, walking paths, and free parking. A bike path connects the two campuses, which are just 2 miles apart. 

Natick staff are accelerating the pace of engineering and science in a wide variety of roles, and also make an impact in other ways. They support each other by sustaining a supportive and collaborative work environment, and give back to the local community through paid time off for volunteer work. 

Green Initiatives at Our Natick Campuses

MathWorks is committed to decarbonizing our operations.

Infographic with small icon of solar panel and the text “2,000 MWh”

generated annually by seven solar arrays

Infographic with small icon of car and leaf and the text “114”

parking spaces with access to free EV chargers

Infographic with small recycling icon and the text “40%”

of all waste is recycled, with all non-recycled waste sent to a waste-to-energy facility

Bright and sunny rotunda area.
Two people playing cornhole on a grassy lawn with umbrella tables in the background.
Three people posing outside with ice cream cones and other frozen treats.
Rows of picnic tables with staff members having lunch.
Lounge and collaboration space with casual seating and large modern art panel on the wall.
Two women in casual conversation, sitting in large modern chairs with windows out to a plant-filled courtyard.
Three people walking down open stairway with modern design.
People playing frisbee on a grassy courtyard with several picnic tables full of people having lunch in the background.
Gym space with two exercise balls and a row of exercise machines including ellipticals and stationary bikes.
Bright, sunny cafeteria space with large windows and modern overhead lighting and design elements. Some tables are occupied by people having lunch.

Natick Locations

People walking on a sidewalk in a grassy quad surrounded by brick and glass buildings.

Apple Hill Campus

Corporate Headquarters

Sunny, grassy quad surrounded by modern brick and glass buildings.

Lakeside Campus