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Call AUTOSAR NVRAM Manager (NvM) service interface NvMService

  • NvMServiceCaller block

AUTOSAR Blockset / Classic Platform / Basic Software / NVRAM Manager (NvM)


The AUTOSAR standard defines a NVRAM Manager (NvM) service as a part of Basic Software (BSW) that runs in the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment (RTE). AUTOSAR software components access NvM services through client-server calls. The NvMServiceCaller block calls the AUTOSAR NvM service interface NvMService by to initiate specified operation.


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Enter the name of the client port the AUTOSAR software component uses to call the NvM service interface NvMService.

Select the operation that the AUTOSAR software component calls from the NvM service interface NvMService. The AUTOSAR standard defines the operations. After you select the operation, the inports and outports for the block are generated to support the operation.

The Operation parameter must be set to an operation supported by the schema currently specified by the model. The list of operations on the block parameters dialog reflects the operations supported by the current schema.

A MATLAB expression that specifies data type and dimensions for data to be read or written by the operation.

  • To specify a multidimensional data type, you can use array syntax, such as int8([1 1; 1 1]).

  • To specify a structured data type, you can create a Simulink.Parameter data object, type it with a Simulink.Bus object, and reference the parameter name.

For examples, see Argument Specification for Simulink Function Blocks.


Specify this parameter when Operation is set to ReadBlock, RestoreBlockDefaults, or WriteBlock.

Block sample time. The default sets the block to inherit its sample time from the model.

Extended Capabilities

C/C++ Code Generation
Generate C and C++ code using Simulink® Coder™.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b

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