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Get Started with Bioinformatics Toolbox

Read, analyze, and visualize genomic and proteomic data

Bioinformatics Toolbox™ provides algorithms and apps for building bioinformatics pipelines, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), microarray analysis, mass spectrometry, and gene ontology. You can read genomic and proteomic data and explore this data with the Genomics Viewer app and visualize with spatial heatmaps and clustergrams. The toolbox (with Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™) provides statistical, regression, classification, and (with Deep Learning Toolbox™) deep learning techniques to build complete analysis pipelines.

The Biopipeline Designer app lets you interactively build bioinformatics pipelines for genomic data analysis, locally or in the cloud. You can use a combination of built-in bioinformatics pipeline blocks that integrate proven NGS libraries and custom blocks to extend analyses with community tools. You can create a pipeline to preprocess reads, map them to a reference genome, and perform statistical analysis, like RNA-Seq differential expression analysis or ChIP-Seq genome-wide analysis.


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