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Run MATLAB on Amazon Web Services

Use a customizable reference architecture to run MATLAB® on a Windows® or Linux® virtual machine in Amazon® Web Services (AWS®). The reference architecture includes MATLAB, Simulink®, and toolboxes, as well as support for GPUs.

Use this reference architecture when you want to launch MATLAB in a specific region, combine your MATLAB resources with your existing cloud resources, or automate deployment.


To use this reference architecture, you need:

  • An AWS account. You are responsible for the costs of all AWS services.

  • An SSH key pair for your AWS account in your chosen region. For more information, see  Amazon EC2 Key Pairs.

  • A MATLAB license that meets the following conditions:

    • Linked to a MathWorks Account.

    • Configured for cloud use. Individual and Campus-Wide licenses are already configured. For other license types, contact your administrator. You can identify your license type and administrator by viewing your MathWorks Account. Administrators can consult Administer Network Licenses.

Run MATLAB Using Prebuilt Amazon Machine Image from GitHub

By default, the MATLAB reference architectures launch prebuilt machine images. Using a prebuilt machine image is the easiest way to deploy a MATLAB reference architecture. To launch MATLAB in AWS, use the reference architecture templates provided in the following GitHub® repository:

You can run the template directly from the link in the GitHub repository. Choose your MATLAB release, and then click the Launch Stack icon next to the region in which you want to deploy your resources.

Build and Deploy Your Own Amazon Machine Image

To build your own machine image using MathWorks® scripts, see the build scripts and instructions on GitHub for customizing and deploying your own Amazon machine image (AMI).

These scripts form the basis of the MathWorks AMI build process. A HashiCorp Packer template generates the machine image. You can use these scripts to build a custom machine image for running MATLAB on Amazon Web Services.

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