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Use the Custom Toolchain

You can use a custom toolchain when generating a static or dynamic library or an executable. You cannot use one to generate MEX functions. To specify which compiler to use for MEX-function generation, see Setting Up the C or C++ Compiler).

Before using the custom toolchain, register the custom toolchain, as described in Register the Custom Toolchain.

  1. Use coder.config to create a configuration object. For example:

    cfg = coder.config('exe');

  2. Get the value of config(end).Name from the rtwTargetInfo.m file. Then assign that value to the cfg.Toolchain property:

    cfg.Toolchain = 'mytoolchain v#.#' | 'buildartifact (platform)'

  3. Perform other steps required to generate code, as described in Deployment. For example, specify the path and file name of the source code:

    cfg.CustomSource = 'filename_main.c';
    cfg.CustomInclude = pwd;

  4. When you generate code using the codegen function, specify the configuration object that uses the custom toolchain. For example:

    codegen -config cfg filename

You have completed the full workflow of creating and using a custom toolchain described in Custom Toolchain Registration.