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Simulink Performance Improvements

Performance improvements can help you achieve real-time execution. These adjustments suggest ways you can improve the performance of your SDR radio model.

Model Tuning

  • Use frame-based processing. With frame-based processing, the model processes multiple samples during a single execution call to a block. Consider using frame sizes from roughly 100 to several thousand.

  • In Model Configuration Parameters > Data Import/Export, turn off all logging.

  • Make your model single rate. If the model requires resampling, then choose rational coefficients that keep the model single rate.

  • Do not add any Buffer blocks to the model. Create convenient frame sizes in your data sources. Buffer blocks typically degrade performance.

  • Avoid feedback loops. Typically, such loops imply scalar processing, which slows down the model considerably.

  • Avoid using scopes. To visualize your data, send it to a workspace variable and postprocess it.

  • If your model has Constant blocks with values that do not change during simulation, make sure that the sample time is set to Inf (default).

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