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USRP Radio Configuration

The Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP™ Radio enables your simulation to communicate with the following USRP radio hardware platforms from Ettus Research™:

  • USRP Bus Series (B-series) radios — Communicates with the host PC using a USB connection and have an Analog Devices® AD9364 RF front end.

  • USRP Networked Series (N-series) radios — Provides reliability and fault-tolerance for deployment in large-scale and distributed wireless systems. N-series radios communicate with the host PC using an Ethernet connection. N-series radios can be configured with various RF daughterboards for SISO or MIMO communications.

The valid range for the radio settings, such as, center frequency, LO offset, transmitter gain, and receiver gain depends on your radio configuration. For detailed information about the various N-series or B-series radio configurations, see the Ettus Research website.

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