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Class MWField

The MWField class holds a single field reference in an MWStruct object. This class is not creatable and contains four properties/methods:

Property Name As String

The name of the field (read only).

Property Value As Variant

Stores the field's value (read/write). The Value property is the default property of the MWField class. The value of a field can be any type that is coercible to a Variant, as well as object types.

Property MWFlags As MWFlags

Stores a reference to an MWFlags object. This property sets or gets the array formatting and data conversion flags for a particular field. Each field in a structure has its own MWFlags property. This property overrides the value of any flags set on the object whose methods are called.

Sub Clone(ppField As MWField)

Creates a copy of an MWField object.





Reference to an uninitialized MWField object to receive the copy

Return Value



Clone allocates a new MWField object and creates a deep copy of the object's contents. Call this function when a separate object is required instead of a shared copy of an existing object reference.