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Deploy to .NET Applications Using MATLAB Data API for .NET

Integrate packaged MATLAB® functions into .NET applications using the MATLAB Data API for data exchange

MATLAB Compiler SDK™ API for .NET provides an interface between .NET applications and MATLAB code deployed within those applications. This API enables .NET applications to launch MATLAB Runtime instances and evaluate deployed MATLAB functions with arguments. The API supports asynchronous task execution for MATLAB library calls, and leverages modern .NET constructs for writing streamlined application code.

MATLAB Compiler SDK API for .NET uses the MATLAB Data API for .NET to handle the data exchange between a .NET application and deployed MATLAB code. For details, see Call MATLAB from .NET.

All .NET applications created using MATLAB Compiler SDK API for .NET and MATLAB Data API for .NET can be built on Windows® and executed on Linux® and macOS as long as you are using .NET 5.0 or higher.

Functions .NET assembly for deployment outside MATLAB for building .NET assemblies
compiler.package.installerCreate an installer for files generated by MATLAB Compiler
compiler.package.InstallerOptionsOptions for creating MATLAB Compiler package installers


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MathWorks.MATLAB.Runtime.MATLABRuntime.NET class that represents a MATLAB Runtime instance
MathWorks.MATLAB.Runtime.NojvmAttribute.NET attribute class that launches MATLAB Runtime without Java Virtual Machine (JVM) support
MathWorks.MATLAB.Runtime.OutOfProcessAttribute.NET attribute class to start a separate process to run a .NET assembly
MathWorks.MATLAB.Runtime.RuntimeOptionAttribute.NET attribute class for specifying MATLAB Runtime options that are passed to the application at initialization time



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