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Generate Pulse Data on a Counter Channel

Add Counter Output Channels

Use addoutput to add a channel that generates pulses on a counter/timer subsystem. You can generate on one channel or on multiple channels on the same device.

Generate Pulses on a Counter Output Channel

This example shows how to generate pulse data on an NI 9402 with device ID cDAQ1Mod5.

Step 1. Create a DataAcquisition object assigned to the variable d:

d = daq("ni");

Step 2. Add a counter output channel for pulse generation:

ch = addoutput(d,"cDAQ1Mod5",0,"PulseGeneration")
    Index    Type      Device       Channel    Measurement Type     Range         Name    
    _____    ____    ___________    _______    _________________    _____    ________________

      1      "co"    "cDAQ1Mod5"    "ctr0"     "PulseGeneration"    "n/a"    "cDAQ1Mod5_ctr0"

Step 3. Configure the output counter channel properties for signal frequency and duty cycle.

ch.Frequency = 50000;
ch.DutyCycle = 0.25;

Step 4. Generate pulses in the background while MATLAB® continues:


Step 5. When finished, stop the DataAcquisition output.


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