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National Instruments Hardware Examples

Getting Started and Device Discovery

Getting Started with NI Devices

Discover NI Devices

Analog Input and Output

Acquire Data Using NI Devices

Acquire Continuous and Background Data Using NI Devices

Acquire Data from an Accelerometer

Measure Strain Using an Analog Bridge Sensor

Acquire Temperature Data From a Thermocouple

Acquire Temperature Data From an RTD

Acquire and Analyze Sound Pressure Data From an IEPE Microphone

Acquire and Analyze Noisy Clock Signals

Generate Voltage Signals Using NI Devices

Generate Signals on NI Devices That Output Current

Generate Continuous and Background Signals Using NI Devices

Simultaneously Acquire Data and Generate Signals

Log Analog Input Data to a File Using NI Devices

Capture Data with Software-Analog Triggering

Create an App for Analog Triggered Data Acquisition

Create an App for Live Data Acquisition

Digital Input and Output

Control Stepper Motor Using Digital Outputs

Communicate with I2C Devices and Analyze Bus Signals Using Digital IO

Counters and Timers

Count Pulses on a Digital Signal Using NI Devices

Measure Frequency Using NI Devices

Measure Pulse Width Using NI Devices

Generate Pulse Width Modulated Signals Using NI Devices

Measure Angular Position with an Incremental Rotary Encoder

Simultaneous and Synchronized Operations

Synchronize NI PCI Devices Using RTSI

Start a Multi-Trigger Acquisition on an External Event

Acquire Data from Two Devices at Different Rates

Simulink Data Acquisition

Perform Live Acquisition, Signal Processing, and Generation

Perform Spectral Analysis on Live Data

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