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Create DDS Applications in Simulink

DDS Blockset enables an easy way to configure applications modeled in Simulink® to use DDS.


This tutorial requires the following products:


  • Simulink

Additionally, to build and deploy a DDS application, you must have Embedded Coder® (requires Simulink Coder™ and MATLAB Coder).

Example Model

This tutorial uses the Shapes Demo example model, shapesdemo.

DDS Workflow

The general workflow to create a DDS application is the following:

  1. Create DDS definitions.

  2. View and edit DDS definitions.

  3. Construct the Simulink model as a DDS Publisher or Subscriber.

  4. Configure the DDS interface.

  5. Build and deploy the application to the DDS network.

To start the tutorial, see Create DDS Definitions.