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Write DDS Sample

Send Data Samples to DDS network

Since R2021a

  • Write DDS Sample block

DDS Blockset


The DDS Blockset Library provides Take DDS Sample and Write DDS Sample blocks to help model DDS applications. The Take DDS Sample block receives samples from the DDS network and converts them to signals that can be used in the Simulink® environment. The Write DDS Sample block converts signals from the Simulink environment to samples to send data into the DDS network. These blocks are preconfigured to be compatible with the DDS network and provide type checking functionality.



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Enables the block to send a sample into the DDS network. For input values greater than 0 send is enabled. For input values less than or equal to 0 send is disabled.


To display this port, select the check box labeled Show enable port.

Data Types: double

Signal in Simulink environment. Signals are converted to samples that applications use to send data into the DDS network. The conversion preserves the value and data type of the original signal.

Data Types: bus


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Sends samples into the DDS network.

Data Types: bus


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Select this check box to display enable port.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: ShowEnablePort
Type: character vector
Values: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'off'

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2021a