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Embedded AI Systems

Deep learning on ARM®-based devices and embedded NVIDIA® GPUs

Execute and deploy deep learning solutions on hardware.


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cwtLayerContinuous wavelet transform (CWT) layer (Since R2022b)
modwtLayerMaximal overlap discrete wavelet transform (MODWT) layer (Since R2022b)
stftLayerShort-time Fourier transform layer (Since R2021b)
istftLayerInverse short-time Fourier transform layer (Since R2024a)
dlcwtDeep learning continuous wavelet transform (Since R2022b)
dlmodwtDeep learning maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform and multiresolution analysis (Since R2022a)
dlstftDeep learning short-time Fourier transform (Since R2021a)
dlistftDeep learning inverse short-time Fourier transform (Since R2024a)
cwtfilterbankContinuous wavelet transform filter bank
findchangeptsFind abrupt changes in signal
findpeaksFind local maxima
modwtMaximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
risetime Rise time of positive-going bilevel waveform transitions
stftShort-time Fourier transform
signalFrequencyFeatureExtractorStreamline signal frequency feature extraction (Since R2021b)
signalTimeFeatureExtractorStreamline signal time feature extraction (Since R2021a)
waveletScatteringWavelet time scattering