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Create group object

Since R2023b


Create a group object to view characteristics and measurements together and export it to an ASAP2 file.


groupObj = coder.asap2.Group creates a group object. You can use the object to define list of characteristic, measurements, subgroups to the group and export it to an ASAP2 file.


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Specify a name for the custom group.

Example: "CustomGroup_1"

Specify comments and description of the group.

Example: "Description of the group"

Specify the list of parameters referred in the group.

Example: ["Parameter1", "Parameter2"]

Specify the list of signals referred in the group.

Example: ["Signal1", "Signal2"]

Specifies the root of the group's hierarchy.

Example: 1

Specify the list of sub groups referred in the group.

Example: ["Subgroup1", "Subgroup2"]

Specify any additional description that needs to be populated in the group.

Example: "additional information"


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Add, update, filter, find, and remove ECU descriptions for groups in an ASAP2 file.

Open and Build Example Model

Open the example model ASAP2Demo


Build the model.

### Searching for referenced models in model 'ASAP2Demo'.
### Found 1 model references to update.
### Starting serial model reference code generation build.
### Successfully updated the model reference code generation target for: ASAP2DemoModelRef
### Starting build procedure for: ASAP2Demo
### Successful completion of build procedure for: ASAP2Demo

Build Summary

Code generation targets built:

Model              Action                        Rebuild Reason                       
ASAP2DemoModelRef  Code generated and compiled.  ASAP2DemoModelRef.c does not exist.  

Top model targets built:

Model      Action                        Rebuild Reason                                    
ASAP2Demo  Code generated and compiled.  Code generation information file does not exist.  

2 of 2 models built (0 models already up to date)
Build duration: 0h 0m 28.667s

Create the ECU description object for the model.

descObj = coder.asap2.getEcuDescriptions("ASAP2Demo");

Get the list of available groups in the description object.

ans = 1x2 string
    "ASAP2Demo"    "ASAP2Demo_ASAP2DemoModelRef_ASAP2DemoModelRef"

Filter the groups and get a list of groups that has Root set to true.

ans = 

Create and Add Custom Group

To add a new group to the ASAP2 file, create a custom group.

GroupObj_GR1 = coder.asap2.Group;
GroupObj_GR1.Name = 'CustomGroup_1';
GroupObj_GR1.LongIdentifier = 'New test group';
GroupObj_GR1.RefCharacteristic = ["ydata3", "ydata4"];
GroupObj_GR1.RefMeasurement = ["ASAP2Demo_Y.Out3", "ASAP2Demo_Y.Out3"];
GroupObj_GR1.Root = true;

Add the custom group to the ECU description object.


Get Group Properties

Get the properties of newly added group by using this command.

ans = 
  Group with properties:

                 Name: 'CustomGroup_1'
       LongIdentifier: 'New test group'
    RefCharacteristic: ["ydata3"    "ydata4"]
       RefMeasurement: ["ASAP2Demo_Y.Out3"    "ASAP2Demo_Y.Out3"]
                 Root: 1
             SubGroup: [1x0 string]
           CustomData: [1x0 string]

Update Group Properties

To modify a property of the group, use set function. Update the LongIdentifier field of the group.

set(descObj,"Group","CustomGroup_1",LongIdentifier="Group 1 new long identifier")

Generate the ASAP2 file using the updated ECU description object and verify that the ASAP2 file contains the group CustomGroup_1.

Following Characteristics or Measurements with unsupported data types are not exported in ASAP2 file. "ASAP2Demo_DW.ASAP2DemoModelRef_InstanceData"

Delete Group

Remove the newly added group from the description object.


Version History

Introduced in R2023b