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Deploy application package to selected target computer

Since R2022b


    [status,applicationId] = deployApplicationPackage(tg, swPackageName) deploys the application package on to the target and returns the status.


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    Deploy the application package myApplicationPackage on to the target.


    Input Arguments

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    Object represents a target computer. Use the object to establish the connection with Linux target, to deploy the applications on Linux target, and perform several other actions.

    Example: myTargetHandle

    Specify the name of the application package (mldatx file). You can also provide the path of the package if it is not available in the working folder.

    Example: 'BrakeController', 'BrakeController.mldatx', '/matlab/autosar/BrakeController.mldatx'

    Output Arguments

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    Returns true if application package is deployed on to the target. false if the application package cannot be deployed.

    Returns application Id of the application package if deployment is completed. And empty if deployment on to the target cannot be completed.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b