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Interface for managing target computers

Since R2022b


    A linux.Targets object represents the available target computers and provides access to methods to add targets, remove targets, rename targets and to create target object for a particular target computer.

    The object provides access to methods and properties that:

    • Start, pause, resume, and stop the application.

    • Read and set parameters.

    • Monitor signals.

    • Retrieve status information about the target computer.

    • Restart the target computer.

    • Load the application.

    Function names are case-sensitive. Type the entire name. Property names are not case-sensitive. You do not need to type the entire name if the characters you type are unique for the property.

    You can invoke some of the object properties and functions from the target computer command line when the application has been loaded.


    tgs=linux.Targets() creates a targets object representing target computers.

    Object Functions

    addTargetAdd target computer to target computers object
    getAllTargetsGet list of available target computers
    getTargetGet handle of target computer
    removeTargetDelete target computer
    renameTargetRename target computer


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    Create a targets object tgs representing the target computer.

    Use the following command to create the targets object

    tgs = linux.Targets();

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b