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CORDIC Algorithms in MATLAB

CORDIC algorithm operations in MATLAB®

CORDIC (COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) based algorithms are some of the most hardware efficient algorithms because they require only iterative shift-add operations. The CORDIC algorithm eliminates the need for explicit multipliers, and is suitable for calculating a variety of functions.


cordicabsCORDIC-based absolute value
cordicacosCORDIC-based approximation of inverse cosine
cordicangleCORDIC-based phase angle
cordicasinCORDIC-based approximation of inverse sine
cordicatan2CORDIC-based four quadrant inverse tangent
cordiccart2polTransform Cartesian coordinates to polar using CORDIC-based approximation
cordiccexpCORDIC-based approximation of complex exponential
cordiccosCORDIC-based approximation of cosine
fixed.cordicDivideFixed-point divide using CORDIC (Since R2020b)
cordicpol2cartCORDIC-based approximation of polar-to-Cartesian conversion
fixed.cordicReciprocalFixed-point reciprocal using CORDIC (Since R2021b)
cordicrotateRotate input using CORDIC-based approximation
cordicsigmoidCORDIC-based approximation of sigmoid activation (Since R2023b)
cordicsinCORDIC-based approximation of sine
cordicsincosCORDIC-based approximation of sine and cosine
cordicsinhcoshCORDIC-based approximation of hyperbolic sine and cosine (Since R2023b)
cordicsqrtCORDIC-based approximation of square root
cordictanhCORDIC-based hyperbolic tangent