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Ways to Generate Code

There are several ways to use Fixed-Point Designer™ software to generate code:

  • The Fixed-Point Designer fiaccel function converts your fixed-point MATLAB® code to a MEX function and can greatly accelerate the execution speed of your fixed-point algorithms.

  • The MATLAB Coder™ codegen (MATLAB Coder) function automatically converts MATLAB code to C/C++ code. Using the MATLAB Coder software allows you to accelerate your MATLAB code that uses Fixed-Point Designer software. To use the codegen function with Fixed-Point Designer software, you also need to have a MATLAB Coder license. For more information, see Generate C Code at the Command Line (MATLAB Coder).

  • The MATLAB Function block allows you to use MATLAB code in your Simulink® models that generate embeddable C/C++ code. To use the MATLAB Function block with Fixed-Point Designer software, you also need a Simulink license. For more information on the MATLAB Function block, see the Simulink documentation.