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Generate Structured Text for Fuzzy System Using Simulink PLC Coder

You can generate Structured Text for a Fuzzy Logic Controller block using Simulink® PLC Coder™. For more information on generating Structured Text, see Code Generation (Simulink PLC Coder).

By default, the Fuzzy Logic Controller block uses double-precision data for simulation and code generation. The fuzzyPID model is configured to use double-precision data. You can also use either single-precision or fixed-point data. For more information on configuring your fuzzy inference system for code generation, see Fuzzy Logic Controller.

mdl = 'fuzzyPID';

It is good practice to validate the performance of the system in Simulink before generating code. Run the simulation.

open_system([mdl '/Output'])

To generate Structured Text for the model, use the plcgeneratecode command. This command generates code for an atomic subsystem in a model. To generate code for the Fuzzy PID controller, configure the subsystem as an atomic subsystem by selecting the Treat as atomic unit parameter for the subsystem.

subsys = [mdl '/Fuzzy PID'];

When generating code for just a Fuzzy Logic Controller block, place the block inside a subsystem, and set the Treat as atomic unit parameter of that subsystem.

Generate Structured Text for the Fuzzy PID subsystem.

PLC code generation successful for 'fuzzyPID/Fuzzy PID'.

Generated files:
<a href="matlab: edit('plcsrc/fuzzyPID.exp')">plcsrc/fuzzyPID.exp</a>

By default, the software saves the generated code in the following location:


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