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Check for infinite and continuous sample time sources

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelChecker.runSampleTimeChecks

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelAdvisor.runSampleTimeChecks

Check source blocks with infinite or continuous sample time.


By default, the sample time of a Constant block is inf. When you connect a Constant block with sample time of inf to other blocks in your design, it hinders speed and area optimizations. Optimizations such as retiming, sharing, and streaming use the clock rate information to improve the speed and area of your design. For more details, see the HDL Code Generationsection of the Constant page.

This check reports a warning if your design contains source blocks that have an infinite or continuous sample time.

Results and Recommended Actions

To fix this warning, click Modify Settings to update the Sample time of these source blocks to inherit through back propagation. That is, HDL Coder™ sets Sample time of these blocks to -1. You can then rerun the check.

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