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Simulate and Generate HDL Code for the Float Typecast Block

This example shows how you can use the Float Typecast block to extract the sign, exponent, and mantissa bits from a floating-point input, and then convert the bits back to a floating-point output after performing any computations.

Open the hdlcoder_float_typecast_example model.


The model multiplies the floating-point input by two to produce the floating-point output. To multiply the input, the algorithm increments the exponent by one. Open the HDL_DUT subsystem.


The model is already configured for HDL compatibility by using the hdlsetup function. Simulate the model.


Before you generate HDL code, enable the Native Floating Point mode.

nfpconfig = hdlcoder.createFloatingPointTargetConfig('NATIVEFLOATINGPOINT');
hdlset_param('hdlcoder_float_typecast_example', ...
                            'FloatingPointTargetConfiguration', nfpconfig);

Generate HDL code for the HDL_DUT subsystem.