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Generated TLM Files

HDL Verifier™ software generates the following files:

  • C/C++ code containing the Simulink® model behavior (.cpp and .h files)

  • Virtual platform TLM component class (.cpp and .h files)

  • TLM component documentation (HTML)

  • TLM component test bench (if specified) (.cpp and .h files)

  • Test bench stimulus and expected response vectors (MATLAB® formatted data)

  • Makefiles for building the TLM component and standalone test bench (makefile format)

  • IP-XACT XML file. For details, see Contents of Generated IP-XACT File.

After code generation is complete, you can then use these generated files (outputs) to create the standalone TLM executable.


This feature requires the ASIC Testbench for HDL Verifier add-on.

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