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Class: opc.hda.Data
Namespace: opc.hda

Display table of values for OPC HDA data object




showValues(dObj) displays a table of values for OPC HDA object hdaObj. If hdaObj is a scalar object, the table lists each time stamp with its corresponding value and quality.

If hdaObj is an array with all items having the same time stamps, the table shows the time stamp followed by each item's value.

If hdaObj is an array with items having different time stamps, an error is generated. Use the tsunion method to generate an array with each item containing the same time stamps.

The date format for the time stamps is controlled by the OPC date display preference, which you can set by using opc.setDateDisplayFormat.


Load the OPC HDA example data file and show the values of the first hdaDataSmall object:

load opcSampleHdaData;