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Get specific experiments from multiple-experiment data set


d1 = getexp(data,ExperimentNumber)
d1 = getexp(data,ExperimentName)


d1 = getexp(data,ExperimentNumber) retrieves specific experiments from multiple-experiment data set. data is an iddata object that contains several experiments. d1 is another iddata object containing the indicated experiment(s). ExperimentNumber is the experiment number as in d1 = getexp(data,3) or d1 = getexp(data,[4 2]).

d1 = getexp(data,ExperimentName) specifies the experiment name as in d1 = getexp(data,'Period1') or d1 = getexp(data,{'Day1','Day3'}).

See merge (iddata) and iddata for how to create multiple-experiment data objects.

You can also retrieve the experiments using a fourth subscript, as in d1 = data(:,:,:,ExperimentNumber). Type help iddata/subsref for details on this.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a