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Shift X- and Y-Coordinate Range of Displayed Image

This example shows how to specify a nondefault world coordinate system by changing the XData and YData properties of a displayed image.

Read an image.

I = imread("peppers.png");

Display the image using the intrinsic coordinate system, returning properties of the image in ax. Turn on the axis to display the coordinate system.

ax = imshow(I);
title("Image Displayed with Intrinsic Coordinates")
axis on

Check the range of the x- and y-coordinates, which are stored in the XData and YData properties of ax. The ranges match the dimensions of the image.

xrange = ax.XData
xrange = 1×2

     1   512

yrange = ax.YData
yrange = 1×2

     1   384

Change the range of the x- and y-coordinates. This example shifts the image to the right by adding 100 to the x-coordinates and shifts the image up by subtracting 25 from the y-coordinates.

xrangeNew = xrange + 100;
yrangeNew = yrange - 25;

Display the image, specifying the shifted spatial coordinates.

axNew = imshow(I,"XData",xrangeNew,"YData",yrangeNew);
title("Image Displayed with Nondefault Coordinates");
axis on

Confirm that the ranges of the x- and y-coordinates of the new image match the shifted ranges specified by xrangeNew and yrangeNew.

ans = 1×2

   101   612

ans = 1×2

   -24   359

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