Available Mapping Toolbox map projections


list = maplist
[list,defproj] = maplist


list = maplist returns a structure that lists all the available Mapping Toolbox™ map projections. The list structure is list.Name, list.IdString, list.Classification, list.ClassCode. This list structure is used by the functions maps and axesmui when processing map projection identifiers during operation of the toolbox functions.

[list,defproj] = maplist also returns the default projection's IdString.

list.Name defines the full name of the projection. This entry is used in the command-line table display and in the Projection Control Box.

list.IdString provides the name of the MATLAB® function that computes the projection.

list.Classification defines the projection classification that is used in the command-line table display.

list.ClassCode defines the character vector that is used to label the classes of projections in the Projection Control Box. The eight class codes are

  • Azim — Azimuthal

  • Coni — Conic

  • Cyln — Cylindrical

  • Mazi — Modified azimuthal

  • Pazi — Pseudoazimuthal

  • Pcon — Pseudoconic

  • Pcy — Pseudocylindrical

  • Poly — Polyconic

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