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Install, start, stop, or uninstall mjs service


mjs install
mjs uninstall
mjs start
mjs stop
mjs console
mjs restart
mjs ... -mjsdef <mjs_defaults_file>
mjs ... -clean
mjs status
mjs -version
mjs -useonlinelicensing


The mjs service ensures that all other processes are running and that it is possible to communicate with them. Once the mjs service is running, you can use the nodestatus command to obtain information about the mjs service and all the processes it maintains.

The mjs executable resides in the folder matlabroot\toolbox\parallel\bin (Windows® operating system) or matlabroot/toolbox/parallel/bin (UNIX® operating system). Enter the following commands at a Windows or UNIX command-line prompt, respectively.

mjs install installs the mjs service in the Microsoft® Windows Service Control Manager. This causes the service to automatically start when the Windows operating system boots up. The service must be installed before it is started.

mjs uninstall uninstalls the mjs service from the Windows Service Control Manager. Note that if you wish to install mjs service as a different user, you must first uninstall the service and then reinstall as the new user.

mjs start starts the mjs service. This creates the required logging and checkpointing directories, and then starts the service as specified in the mjs defaults file.

mjs stop stops running the mjs service. This automatically stops all job managers and workers on the computer, but leaves their checkpoint information intact so that they will start again when the mjs service is started again.

mjs console starts the mjs service as a process in the current terminal or command window rather than as a service running in the background.

mjs restart performs the equivalent of mjs stop followed by mjs start. This command is available only on UNIX operating systems.

mjs ... -mjsdef <mjs_defaults_file> uses the specified alternative mjs defaults file instead of the one found in matlabroot/toolbox/parallel/bin. This file is provided for Linux ( and Windows (mjs_def.bat). For information on backwards compatibility, see Run Multiple MATLAB Parallel Server Versions.

mjs ... -clean performs a complete cleanup of all service checkpoint and log files before installing or starting the service, or after stopping or uninstalling it. This deletes all information about any job managers or workers this service has ever maintained.

mjs status reports the status of the mjs service, indicating whether it is running and with what PID. Use nodestatus to obtain more detailed information about the mjs service. The mjs status command is available only on UNIX operating systems.

mjs -version prints version information of the mjs process to standard output, then exits.

mjs -useonlinelicensing ensures that workers use online licensing. Unless you specify –useonlinelicensing, mjs uses the network license manager.