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Create and Run MATLAB Tests

Create and run tests and test suites interactively and programmatically

MATLAB® Test™ extends the capabilities of the MATLAB unit testing framework. For example, you can:

  • Automatically create test classes to exercise MATLAB source code.

  • Run test suites based on file dependencies and requirement links.

  • Run tests in projects by using the MATLAB Test Manager app.

For more information on how MATLAB Test extends the functionality provided by MATLAB apps, classes, and functions, see Extend MATLAB Unit Testing Framework with MATLAB Test.


MATLAB Test ManagerManage MATLAB tests and results for projects (Since R2023a)


matlabtest.selectors.DependsOnSelect TestSuite array elements by source code dependency (Since R2023a)


matlab.unittest.TestSuite.fromRequirementsCreate test suite from requirements (Since R2023a)