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Toolbox Path Caching in MATLAB

About Toolbox Path Caching in MATLAB

For performance reasons, MATLAB® disables folder change detection for the matlabroot folder and caches the folder information across sessions. The disabled folder change detection and caching features are mostly transparent to you. However, if MATLAB does not see the latest versions of your MATLAB code files or if you receive warnings about the path cache, then you might need to update the cache.

Using the Cache File Upon Startup

Upon startup, MATLAB gets information from a cache file to build the matlabroot folder cache. Because of the cache file, startup is faster, especially if you run MATLAB from a network server or if you have many folders within the matlabroot folder. When you end a session, MATLAB updates the cache file.

MATLAB does not use the cache file at startup if you clear the Enable toolbox path cache check box in General Preferences page of the Preferences Window. Instead, it creates the cache by reading from the operating system folders, which is slower than using the cache file.

Updating the Cache and Cache File

How the Toolbox Path Cache Works

MATLAB caches (essentially, stores in a known files list) the names and locations of files in the matlabroot folder. This folder is for files provided with MathWorks® products that should not change except for product installations and updates. Caching those folders provides better performance during a session because MATLAB does not actively monitor those folders.

We strongly recommend that you save any MATLAB code files you create and any files provided by MathWorks that you edit in a folder that is not in the matlabroot folder tree. If you keep your files in the matlabroot folder, then they might be overwritten when you install a new version of MATLAB.

When to Update the Cache

When you add files to the matlabroot folder, the cache and the cache file need to be updated. MATLAB updates the cache and cache file automatically when you install toolboxes or toolbox updates using the installer for MATLAB. MATLAB also updates the cache and cache file automatically when you use MATLAB tools, such as when you save files from the MATLAB Editor to the matlabroot folder.

When you add or remove files in the matlabroot folder by some other means, MATLAB might not recognize those changes. For example, when you:

  • Save new files in the matlabroot folder using an external editor

  • Use operating system features and commands to add or remove files in the matlabroot folder

and then attempt to use one of the new files, MATLAB displays this message:

Undefined function or variable

Update the cache so MATLAB recognizes the changes you made in the matlabroot folder.

Steps to Update the Cache

To update the cache and the cache file,

  1. On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > General.

  2. Click Update Toolbox Path Cache and click OK.

Function Alternative

To update the cache, use rehash toolbox. To update both the cache and the cache file, use rehash toolboxcache. For more information, see rehash.