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Use MATLAB Engine Workspace in Python

This example shows how to add variables to the MATLAB® engine workspace in Python®.

When you start the engine, it provides an interface to a collection of all MATLAB variables. This collection, named workspace, is implemented as a Python dictionary that is attached to the engine. The name of each MATLAB variable becomes a key in the workspace dictionary. The keys in workspace must be valid MATLAB identifiers (for example, you cannot use numbers as keys). You can add variables to the engine workspace in Python, and then you can use the variables in MATLAB functions.

Add a variable to the engine workspace.

import matlab.engine
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab()
x = 4.0
eng.workspace['y'] = x
a = eng.eval('sqrt(y)')

In this example, x exists only as a Python variable. Its value is assigned to a new entry in the engine workspace, called y, creating a MATLAB variable. You can then call the MATLAB eval function to execute the sqrt(y) statement in MATLAB and return the output value, 2.0, to Python.

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