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Class: matlab.System

Current simulation time in MATLAB System block


time = getCurrentTime(obj)


time = getCurrentTime(obj) returns the current simulation time in the MATLAB System (Simulink) block. Call this method in the stepImpl method of your System object™.


If the MATLAB System block is operating in continuous sample time, getCurrentTime may return non-monotonic times due to solver operation.

Input Arguments

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System object included in a MATLAB System block that you want to query.

Output Arguments

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The current simulation time of the MATLAB System block that contains the System object.


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This example of stepImpl returns a count value y and the current simulation time ct. The simulation time is obtained by calling getCurrentTime.

    function [y,ct] = stepImpl(obj,u)
        y = obj.Count + u;
        obj.Count = y;
        ct = getCurrentTime(obj);

For a complete class definition, see Specify Sample Time for MATLAB System Block System Objects (Simulink).

Introduced in R2017b